We surely know and value PayPal digital wallet for being extremely convenient and fully secure. Millions of people use it every day to make all sorts of payments starting from buying goods at eBay to ordering a pizza. But what if we need to provide a transaction PayPal cannot handle? For instance, many online gamblers have issues with depositing funds to the casino online they choose. It is especially true with US located players. They will most likely fail to find a casino that would accept them and they will definitely fail to deposit via their PayPal accounts. Of course players form the USA can use their credit or debit cards. But if they want their personal information to be fully safe it would be better to use an alternative online wallet like Neteller or Skrill. These are as good as PayPal when it comes to security and convenience, plus they have some advantages of their own.

The gamblers who choose to create Skrill accounts and use them for gambling will find it very convenient. To start with, almost all casinos online accept deposits and allow withdrawals made with Skrill.  Many casinos even have some special bonuses for the players who use this very payment method. And the players can forget about worries on whether their bank details can be released to third parties. Because they simply cannot. With Skrill you would be able to send money you win in a casino right to your bank card absolutely privately, and the transferring process will take only up to seven days.  This company is located in the United Kingdom and guarantees the highest level of service possible. Skrill meets the highest standards of the Payment Card Data Security Standards, which will make it impossible for a third party to intercept any data. Along with this highly effective payment security technology they have a team of security experts ready to help 24/7. But they managed to keep the procedure of payment very simple nevertheless.

Skrill can also be proud with one of the lowest fees out there. At the moment sending money costs only 1% of the amount sent (and is limited to ten dollars maximum).  Receiving money is free of any charges as well as uploading funds to the account. Paying at a shop or transferring funds with any merchant is free too. The only case when the gamblers would need to pay a bit extra is if they require currency conversion.

So Skrill is a more than good alternative to PayPal. Plus, the best online casinos allow making deposits and withdrawals if you use this payment solution. The procedure of registrating an account with Skrill is very simple too, and takes just a few steps.

How to register a Skrill account. Steps.

How to sign up your bank card to Skrill account. Steps.

Where you can use Skrill/Moneybookers account:


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